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Please note: You will see positive reports below from users about the benefits of WomanOil8 and ManOil8 skin care blends in regard to various skin conditions, such as eczema, acne, dermatitis and rosacea. However, it needs to be said that our blends are not therapeutic products for treating medical conditions. They are designed to make your skin healthier and better able to resist such complaints. If you do have a skin disorder, you should seek treatment under professional guidance and then use our products to help avoid the problem recurring.

Customer Reviews
"Gorgeous Girl is just a beautiful product to use. I love that it is 100% Australian owned & made. 
I have combination skin & many lotions in the past have made me feel quite clogged up, thankfully I don't experience this anymore since using the face oil.
My skin feels refreshed & hydrated. 
The fragrance of the oil is subtle but very pleasant. 
The body oil is very lovely. It's not thick or messy. It glides over the skin with ease. The oil doesn't stain my clothes, which I've experienced previously. 
The oil doesn't solidify ensuring ease of application at all times. 
I have also been using the baby oil. 
Again a truly beautiful oil. It is so nice that I can be using a wonderful, natural product on my baby. 
It's wonderful to massage into my baby after her bath. The smell is not strong or over bearing, like some other creams on the market. You only need to use a small amount of oil for their tiny body's. 
It helped clear up some dry skin on her eyebrows that I struggled to get rid of. 
Anne you have created an amazing product in woman oil8.
Thank you for sharing your creation with us!"
Email from Mel - Sydney

"I discovered Gorgeous Woman a few months ago and tried it on the recommendation of a friend, and it's incredible! I put aside my usual (& expensive) night cream and now I only use the Face Oil before going to bed. I was so thrilled to discover that it makes my skin feel beautiful and hydrated. Thanks!"
Facebook review from Zoe - Brisbane

"Gorgeous Girl is a product I definitely could not live without! I love that all the ingredients are natural and so gentle on my sensitive skin. I personally have also found it has helped with my acne scarring. Recently I have started using the Baby Oil on my 9 month old baby. He loves getting a massage after his bath. The Baby Oil leaves his skin simply beautiful. Best product around!"
Facebook review from Iona - Sydney

"Just forwarding you this pic...I had a beautiful, and big (3.94kg!), baby boy on Wed Sept 28. His name is Flynn. We did it all natural, no drugs, as intended. 
I've noticed his skin is quite dry at the moment so we've started a routine after his morning feed of massage using your baby oil. Having used the pregnancy oil for 9mths and not a stretch mark in sight, I know and trust the product - thank you. I'm still using it for a bit of belly love and especially on my boobs now! 
But little Flynn seems to really like his massage and he's all juicy and smells good. Feel free to use this pic or anything I've said on your social media pages etc. Cheers, Megan :)
Email from Megan - Melbourne

"I am a mature aged Sri Lankan lady with very dry skin. I have been using Gorgeous Woman for many years and I can not stop raving about it to anyone. I have tried many different commercial and other organic products, but I must say that these products don't come anywhere near close to Gorgeous Woman. Simply, the ingredients used are of the highest quality natural organic oils Australia can ever produce. My skin looks younger, vibrant, soft and healthier, keeping my elasticity nice and firm. I highly recommend this product to anyone, once you try it you will never go back to using anything else. Thank you Gorgeous Woman, the Best Ever!"
Facebook review from Heloise - Brisbane

"I've been using Gorgeous Woman face oil for about 1 year now & I just love it!! I had ( dare I say) an age spot on my face & I went to a plastic surgeon to have it removed but from the time I had my consultation to the time I had booked for my procedure ( approximately 4 months) it had totally disappeared!! Gorgeous Woman face oil is the only one for me!! It's truly amazing & I can't talk more highly of it!! Everyone should be using it!!"
Facebook review from Phaedra - Brisbane

"I've been using Gorgeous Woman face and body oils for years and I can truly say I have experienced an amazing improvement in my skin since I began to use them. They helped my skin to look healthier and more balanced. After a shower I always smooth on a few drops to help seal in the moisture. These natural products are light, glide on easily onto my dry skin, absorbs well and keeps it soft and glowing all day. They are great for the climate in Sweden where I live, to prevent the dry itchy skin that comes with cold weather. I would highly recommend these fantastic oils."
Facebook review from Birgitta - Sweden

"My mum, nana and myself love Gorgeous Girl Body Oil. It smells beautiful. It looks after all our skin and Nan especially loves it. Dad loves the ManOil8 Body Oil."
Email from Brianna - Brisbane

"Thank you very much for the face oil , body oil & hair oil , hubby and I both love it makes the skin feel smooth and soft and we highly recommend it for ppl with sensitive skin like me to try it."
Facebook review from Rehana - Sydney

“Highly recommended product for mums looking for healthy options for their baby oil - like Miss Kate, their products are 100% natural and Australian made. I use the face oil, and it has now replaced all my usual face creams.”
Facebook review from Amy (Miss Kate) – Brisbane

"The thing I like most about ManOil 8 is the natural ingredients, there's nothing worse than using a product filled with chemicals which ultimately do more harm than good. With Man Oil 8, I've got peace of mind that nothing is touching my skin but what Mother Nature intended."
Facebook review from Stuart - Sydney

"I've been using the Gorgeous Girl face oil. My face is dry around my nose but can be oily on my forehead and then will change to oily around my nose depending on my body and the weather. Since been been using this product my skin has evened out!! It's fantastic, I only like to use natural products and this is natural! I have used the body oil on my legs as they are also dry in the winter and it's been wonderful! I couldn't ask for a better product!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this wonderful product."
Facebook review from Mhari - Sydney

"Your Gorgeous Girl body oil is awesome! It's got rid of my cellulite and it smells beautiful. My skin looks amazing. I love it."
Comment from Ellen - Brisbane

"I've been using WomanOil8 products for some time, being a mature age my skin had suffered from sun damage, I also had dry patches of skin that would not improve with any other tried products. Since using Gorgeous Woman the skin on my face and chest where I had the most sun damage has greatly improved and smoothed out and the dry patches on my arm have totally gone, friends and family have commented on how good my skin looks, couldn't be happier, I would highly recommend these products and being totally natural is the icing on the cake. Thank you for such a wonderful product."
Facebook review from Sylvia - Brisbane​

"I absolutely love these products. I have been using the pregnancy oil daily on my upper thighs, bottom and stomach. I love that this oil is unscented and safe for your baby unlike other "stretch mark oils" on the market. Thanks Anne! I am in love with my new skin x" - see more at Alice's blog at
Facebook review from Alice - Brisbane

"I would just like to say how impressed I am with the service and product delivery time. Every time I re order I receive my products with in a day or so, outstanding. Also just wanted to mention how much I love your face oil.
I have been struggling with adult acne for a few years now and have just about tried everything out there, until I stumbled across woman oil 8. I was a little apprehensive at first as I always thought oil was the enemy, I had no idea just how dehydrated my skin was which was adding to the unsightly and sore pimples.
I go to the gym quite a bit as well and was always so embarrassed about my red pimples and scars as I tried to wear as little make up as possible. But since using your face oil my skin has improved drastically over the last few months. I am barely getting any pimples anymore and my scars and dark red blemishes are fading so much quicker. I also don't have to wear as much makeup anymore, and now wear absolutely none to the gym. 
I never write reviews on anything but I am just so happy with your product and service I just wanted to say a big thank you."
Email from Jayne - Melbourne

"I'm a Beauty therapist and hairdresser since 2001 have tried many professional products over the years. Have been using Anne's women's oil and all of the natural products in her range since 2007. They are truely magical with healing properties. They have great results with all natural, not toxic, Australian sourced and made. I highly recommend these products and believe they are the way of the future. 5 stars excellent. "
Facebook review from Robyn - Brisbane

"Highly recommended for anyone in the family looking for healthy options for their skincare regime- they are effective products and particularly appealing is the fact they are 100% natural and Australian made. I use the face oil, and it has now replaced all my usual face creams. My daughters (13 years and 10 years) use the body oil as they can have dry skin at times. A great family solution to skincare!"
Facebook comment from Amy - Brisbane

"I'm so happy with Womanoil8 products, so gentle on the skin and I'm seeing changes in the few months I've been using them. I'm getting compliments on how I'm looking so well. My face is glowing and my complexion looks so much healthier." 
Facebook review from Louise Mary - Brisbane

"Thank you so much for your quick response to my order. I was so impressed with my first order of the WomanOil8 on my face that I have recommended it to my daughter, who has since put in an order.
Although at 71, it will not reverse the aging process, what I have found is that my facial and neck skin are now much smoother and also more even in pigmentation. Thank you so much for the development of this product." 
Email from Liz - WA

"Thank you for the beautiful natural WomanOil8 products for helping my hands and skin look and feel so must better. I was previously a hairdresser and my hands were so dry and it just looks like sunburnt skin due to using a lot of chemical hair products. I am happy with my skin now :) Highly recommended Why not ? Can't go wrong with natural oil. ( I have a very sensitive skin So if it ok with me it 's definitely fine for you)"
Facebook review from Bioney - Brisbane

"I have been using the ManOil8 products for a several years now. Annoyingly, I suffer from rosacea. I have tried many different products available on the market over the years. I can genuinely say ManOil8 has been the only product that has actually helped ease my flare ups. It has a calming and soothing affect on my skin. I also use the product in my beard and have found it has really helped with beardruff!! I would highly recommend this brand to anyone looking for something that is natural and actually works." 
Facebook review from Bryn - Sydney

"I used Gorgeous Girl pregnancy oil for my last pregnancy I found it to be really fantastic it helped stopped the stretch marks it really soaked into my skin. Love would recommend it to everyone."
Facebook comment from Emily - Brisbane

"I received the samples and really loving the Face Oil for women. My skin can get dry as I swim all year around and in winter the chlorinated pools really dry it out. I will take a look at the website to see about placing an order. Thank you." 
Email from Tina - Sydney

“Excellent result with ManOil8 face oil. Skin supple after a few days. Beneficial as an after-shave oil. I'm accustomed to a quick dry with lotions and balms. I'd recommend the oil over both. The oil works with the skin - it doesn't attack it. It may take longer to dry but the skin benefits. You can feel it to the touch. I'm surprised cosmetic companies haven't cottoned onto it.” 
Email from Peter – Brisbane 

"Gorgeous Woman is a great product. I been using it for a few weeks now. And my skin is feeling great." 
Facebook comment from Kathleen - Brisbane

"Love this product, my husband is a recent convert to Manoil8 and he is very happy with the results and changes to his skin."
Facebook comment -Sylvia - Brisbane

“Thank you for your amazing products - they have changed the texture and appearance of my skin and I'm constantly raving about them to anyone I can! I was a bit unsure about using an oil on my skin, particular my face (I didn't want to end up with greasy skin), but after trialling the face oil I was blown away by the difference within a week or two of using it once a day. Am also now addicted to the body oil, which has a gorgeous fragrance and is more easily absorbed than other body oils I've used previously, and it's great knowing that I'm using something 100% natural"
Email from Kaitlyn - Melbourne

"Just wanted to give you some feedback on your WomanOil8. It's been a more than a month now that I've been using it, and I absolutely love it!!
Thank you for the travel size and the samples. I've been travelling quite a bit in the last few weeks, so the travel size was greatly appreciated. 
The oil feels beautiful on my skin, and my makeup glides over it so easily. It's like silk. 
Many thanks, and I hope your business continues to grow from strength to strength."
Email from Claire - Brisbane

“I can't wait for my friend to experience your oils!”
Email from Jaci - Melbourne​

"I absolutely love these products! I have struggled with finding products for my skin type as it is very combined and changes with the weather. Gorgeous Girl has helped me get rid of blemishes and dry patches. This product really works miracles for your skin. I highly recommend this to everyone! ♥"
Facebook review from Isabelle – Sydney/Sweden

"I have been using Gorgeous Woman Face Oil, Body Oil, & Hair Oil for a while now and I have found the products to be fantastic as I suffer from many allergies. The Face Oil & Body Oil leaves my skin feeling so smooth as I have dry skin. I also have very frizzy hair & love using the Hair Oil to calm the frizz it is like a treatment for my hair. I would highly recommend WomanOil8 products as they are all Natural products and made in Australia."
Facebook review from Annette - Brisbane

"So excited when my new Gorgeous Woman oils arrived in the mail yesterday, couldn’t wait to try them out. They feel divine on my skin and already I love them! I’m so pleased to have found this amazing range of products, I’ve been using WomanOil8 for a while now and have been very impressed. They feel fantastic, they hydrate my skin, and my makeup glides on beautifully over the top. Happy to recommend these gorgeous oils."
Facebook review from Claire - Brisbane

"This is my first time using oils on my skin and I have to say i'm now obsessed!! WomanOil8 is beyond amazing and just by the way it makes my skin feel/look, you know it's got the highest quality ingredients money can buy. Being almost 30, I wanted skincare that was anti-aging, repairing and hydrating. I've been using the Gorgeous Woman range face oils at night as well as before applying makeup, which helps it sit perfect all day. Would highly recommend to anyone looking at improving their everyday skin routine."
Facebook review from Imogen - Brisbane 

"Amazing products! I have tried them all and my top three are:
1/ Face Gentle Exfoliant
2/ Face Cleanser
3/ Hair Oil
The face products make my skin feel amazing and they smell gorgeous.
The hair oil makes my hair feel so soft and conditioned. 
Fabulous products!"
Facebook review from Dianne – Brisbane


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